CURV development has completed and is currently involved in a number of real estate development projects of various sizes, in multiple locations through-out the US. Some of the company’s projects are:

  • Manhattan Townhouse: Howard Spivak purchased this residential property in the Upper West Side of Manhattan in the early 90’s and converted it overtime into a mixed-use property with doctors’ offices at ground level, a rental unit in the first level, and a large residence in the upper levels.
  • Historic Hotel in Upstate New York: CURV development is currently under contract to purchase and redevelop a historic hotel site in Upstate New York. The company has done extensive pre-development and due-diligence work to determine the concept for the new mixed-use property and its potential value. CURV development is collaborating with the Capella Hotel Group (, an experienced hotel development and operating company in the venture. The redevelopment represents a great opportunity for urban and economic revitalization for an under-utilized downtown area. The project will have an overall investment of close to $100 million.
  • Midtown Manhattan Hotel and Residential Condominium: CURV development is conducting pre-development and due-diligence work to acquire a high rise property in a prominent Manhattan location. The property will be converted into an exclusive luxury hotel and high-end residences with first class amenities. CURV development is partnering with the Capella Hotel Group, and an excellent group of consultants, to create an iconic project for New York City. The estimated overall investment for the project is over $700 million.
  • Bryant Park Office Building: CURV development is negotiating the purchase of a mid-rise office building near Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan. The concept for the building is to conduct extensive renovation work and reposition it as office space for creative professionals.
  • Hotel and Residential Sites: CURV development is currently in early stages of feasibility and market analysis on hotel sites in multiple locations in the US. Working with the Capella Hotel Group, CURV development is establishing a strategy to determine the potential for value add developments that respond to different urban conditions.